Everybody’s favorite round, little friend!

Our mascot, Spottie

Spottie is meant to serve as a fun-loving, slightly cheeky sidekick. They show up to help our characters and members save money, earn rewards, find the best deal, and simply have a little more fun.

This positions our members as the heroes of their own journey – which they are – with as their sidekick.

Spottie’s origin

No one knows exactly what Spottie is or where they came from, but as our official brand ambassador, Spottie is a tireless champion of spending less, saving more, and living the Super life.

One legend tells of a pink lightning bolt striking the exact spot of a rainbow’s end, and where the pot of gold used to be, suddenly Spottie was there... but we may never know for sure.

Spottie’s color palette. Darker shades of pink can be added if needed.

Spottie anatomy

  • Spottie is short in stature and soft in texture. They are about 3ft tall.
  • Spottie has no gender, therefore, we refer to them as they/them.
  • They are a perfect Super pink sphere with black arms and legs, wearing pink gloves and boots.
  • Spottie’s face is always above the midway point of the sphere.
  • Spottie has one thumb and three fingers on each hand.
  • Our bolt mark on their head is a white mohawk. It’s centered aligned on their face, starting from a little above their right eye, and spans to the top of the head.
  • It’s rare that we see the back of Spottie, but when we do, we can see their butt cheeks.

Drawing Spottie

Spottie is drawn with the same method as our illustration anatomy: solid, clean color blocks with hand-drawn lines.

Both Spottie’s gloves and boots are pink; black hand-drawn lines are added to separate fingers, show creases, and add dynamic.
Butt cheeks are drawn with a pink line.
Spottie’s bolt on the head placement.
Spottie’s mohawk is the same bolt as our logo.

Spottie best practices, and no-nos

Do not alter Spottie’s colors.
Do not add a voice to Spottie.
Do not create another mascot friend.
Spottie can interact with illustrated characters.
Do not make AI-generated art with Spottie. This will cause a tear in the space-time continuum.
Spottie can go to the real world and interact with photographic humans.
Do not cut photographic elements/humans into the Spottie’s world except our product (i.e.: Super Pay card)
Do not alter the proportion of Spottie. And do not flip Spottie horizontally without fixing the bolt.

Improper uses

  1. Customer service representative
  2. Chat bot or AI
  3. As an email or text sender
  4. As a employee
  5. Repurposing Spottie art that was designed for other uses
  6. Product
  1. Loading screen animations
  2. Failed screens: if there’s bad news or the product, app, or feature is rendered unusable due to a critical error

Proper uses

Marketing campaigns
2. company website
Official, approved company swag
Approved advertisements
Onboarding flows
Success screens
In-product marketing
Failed screens: if a continuation of previous screen, or not a critical error
i.e. 404 screens
Continuationa of previous animated sequences
Social media (sparingly)
Profile banners (business and personal, only if from approved asset folders)
Internal brand channels and announcements

Spottie usage

Spottie is our brand ambassador and the most recognizable element of our brand identity system, besides our logo. Spottie can be used to express a wide range of emotions, actions, and concepts.

However, Spottie is not our logo, a product, or an icon. While Spottie is an easy and sure way of bringing fun to a section, it’s also crucial to consider alternative illustrations or design solutions before defaulting to Spottie in every brand moment.

Spottie is a trademarked brand entity and should be protected as such. In order to avoid mascot fatigue, we try not to overuse Spottie.

Even if it’s a listed approved usage, any external facing Spottie must get approval from marketing.

Anything not listed, ask:

Proper uses of Spottie

Onboarding flows in product

Improper uses of Spottie

Do not repurpose a completed Spottie illustration and add unapproved designs on it
Spottie does not send emails as they’re not an employee
Spottie is not a chat bot because we want to avoid having them associated with problems.