our CORE

Voice & Tone

When somebody asks, “Where do you work?”, “What do they do?”, and “Why do you work there?” – you can keep this in your back pocket.

What we do

At Super.com, we help everyone live their best lives with life-changing rewards and savings. See the world on a budget with great hotel deals, or get name-brand products for eye-popping prices.

Our newest mission? Helping you make big gains in your wallet, like premium cashback, cash when you need it, and platinum-level rewards. We even have a Super Card that can help you build your credit. Yes, we've been busy – but it's all towards the goal of helping you make every day Super.

Our values

Make an Impact

We are here to make an impact in our customers’ lives, in our personal growth, and in the world. We do things that matter now, while thinking long-term about the destination and the path to get there.

Same Goal, One Team

We are all working towards the same goal and put our personal ambitions and egos aside to maximize team success. We celebrate wins and are grateful for our collective contributions.

Be An Owner

We take pride in our work and pursue our goals with focus, hustle, and determination. We’re the owners of the outcomes.

Open, Transparent, & Respectful

We share knowledge openly and everyone can talk to anyone. We seek truths, present with evidence, give honest feedback, and treat others with empathy and respect.


We use first principles, experimentations, user research and personal insight to ideate and think big. Ultimately we let the customer and data decide what sticks.

Move Fast with Intention

We get things done by being incredibly resourceful. We move fast and aim to minimix rework. We’re always shipping, testing, and iterating.

Our customers

25-56 year-olds with a household income below $50,000 or have a credit score below 670. This is almost 76 million individuals in the US!

Secret sauce

Our product isn’t what makes us different, it’s who we are that sets us apart.

Because our brand is literally "super" (Super.com), we need to say and do things that make people feel super.

We’re a positive ball of energy (literally) and cannot be stopped. We’re people first and profit second. We want to facilitate goodness wherever we can, whenever we can. And if extra cash, traveling, or finding great deals make your life better – it's a win-win. Save money. Live better. Feel Super.