Photo Styles

We help everyone get more out of life, so our photography should highlight authentic experiences in our members' lives. brand photography

Our photography feels honest, natural, and should elicit a sense of joy by using vivid colors and contrast reminiscent of film.

To create a sense of consistency, as well as reinforce our brand identity, try to find photography with one or two elements of Super Pink. It can be small, so don’t overdo it! This effect shouldn’t feel forced.

When to use photography

Photography is a brand component we use to complement our illustrations and to create balance within the brand. It also helps us to show some real-world scenarios like travel. Photography is often used by itself or with other components overlaid like product UI, icons, typography. Photography is also used in our illustration guide as blended illustration photography.

Use cases:
  • Website
  • Blog
  • Paid and organic social media
  • Email headers and layouts

Photo style

We use vibrant and vivid color settings and temperature.

Magenta is pushed in the highlights slightly, but we still want our photography color balance to feel natural.
Make sure the temperature is more warm than cool. Avoid overly-produced studio lighting. Natural lighting is preferred as it creates a more authentic image.

Bright colors / Temperatures
Natural lighting

Incorrect photo style

Temperature of the image too “cool”
Don’t use backlit or dark images
Avoid images of people out of their natural environment
Avoid over-exposed images
Don’t shoot images with a deep depth of field
Avoid blurry or soft focus images
Fake smiles
Avoid cliché images of finance